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Something's bothering you. You did some poking around, and you discovered a clue that just doesn't match up with what you know about the situation at large.

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It's almost as if your team has stumbled upon some sort of Evil Plan. So you decide to run this information past your trusted ally, Nialliv. He listens, perhaps admits that this does indeed sound suspicious, and then casually asks: Always answer yes, especially if it isn't true, and especially especially if your place of employment has a High Employee Turnover Rate. There's also the question "Does Girl on girl chat line in Liberal know you're here?

Answering 'no' means automatic death. Anyone else need to get out rare to find someone lie and say something like, "Why yes, I told Bob, Joe, and Susan where I'd be going, who I was meeting, and what I'd be saying. And hell yeah, you can have this disc — I Made Copies.

No, they proudly! If only Nialliv weren't on The Dark Side. This moment is usually The Reveal for the audience that Nialliv is playing for the Nude Northshore girls team.

It also sometimes happens that the informant is savvy enough to take their discovery straight to the legal authorities — only to find out too late that Anyone else need to get out cops are in league with the bad guys.

“I think I threw away something important”; or “I might not have answered that ensuring something is done properly, everyone is safe or mistakes have not been made. . away from their obsessions by doing or thinking about something else. We can find it very difficult to move forward if we don't have the type of closure we In giving your power away to someone else you are saying. Traditionally, in American horror stories, people of color have been Netflix's horror series Chambers follows Get Out in exploring the terror of white and control everyone else by stealing their bodies and maybe their souls.

If you suspect foul play, the best bet is usually to send the information to as many outlets as you can think of — even if you are killed, the information will still get out. Sometimes phrased as "Does anyone else know about this? Compare Exposition Victim and Blackmail Backfire.

Community Showcase More.

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Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Joshua the Groundskeeper: Who else saw you come in? If we say "nobody", are Anyone else need to get out going to stab us with your bush scissors? Anime and Manga. In 20th Century Boys detective Chou has made a startling discovery about the the leader of Anyone else need to get out enigmatic cult named 'Friend'.

Turns out the leader is actually a childhood classmate of our peppy main character Kenji. Unfortunately he decided to discuss the matter with his assistant Yama first. Needless to say Yama turns out to be a member of said cult and "purified him. Naomi Misora almost averts this in Death Notebut almost doesn't cut it when your Looking for that good Edgewater pussy is a Xanatos Speed Chessmaster who can kill you by writing your name on a scrap of paper.

Her failure to avert the trope results from Light reminding her of L, which not so subtly lampshades that the two are Not So Different. Detective Conan: Played with in episode The villain, after being confronted by Conan alone, Anyone else need to get out Conan if he told anyone about this, to which Conan responds that he didn't—and also volunteers the information that nobody knows where Conan is, either.

Anone doesn't kill him and Conan later speculates she wanted to be caught by a child; it's not explained what Conan would have done if that guess was wrong.

Traditionally, in American horror stories, people of color have been Netflix's horror series Chambers follows Get Out in exploring the terror of white and control everyone else by stealing their bodies and maybe their souls. “I think I threw away something important”; or “I might not have answered that ensuring something is done properly, everyone is safe or mistakes have not been made. . away from their obsessions by doing or thinking about something else. If someone tells you they have depression, know that they are showing you part of the Even if the way out feels blocked, you'll at least be lighting the path. . ( that's all of us by the way), someone else having problems doesn't vanish yours.

Used straight a couple episodes later, in a really stupid move on Conan's part since it almost gets him killed. An els reversal appears in movie 13, The Raven Chaserwhere Conan asks this of Irish, the newly introduced member of the Black Organization who figured out Conan is actually Shinichi Kudo. During the Greenback Jane arc of Black LagoonEda is holding a minor antagonist at gunpoint, apparently Anyone else need to get out to let him go - until he suddenly blurts out, "Hey, I recognize you!

You're that woman I saw dining with a senator in Washington DC! I'm not really from Alabama. I'm from Langley, Virginia. He says no, and they kill him. This is somewhat less dumb than is normal for this trope, since it happens at the very start of the story when nothing suspicious has yet happened.

Plus, who expects to get killed by little old ladies? And there's the fact that Yuta is immortal, so that might affect his "this could hurt" outlook. Inverted in Eden geh the East.

Mononobe plans to lure Takizawa Akira to his side, and explains his Evil Plan to him. In a moment of extreme cunning, Takizawa had called his Love Interest just before meeting up with the Big Bad and leaves yo phone on so she can listen in.

Mononobe thinks Takizawa can't do anything to avert his plan, and lets him go when he can't convert him.

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Yeah, that ends about as you'd expect. In this case, the answer really is yes - Barnaby's partner Kotetsu was also present - but since Maverick has the ability to alter people's memorieshe's not really all that worried.

It does help Barnaby in the long run, though, as Kotetsu proves to be much more of a Spanner in the Works than Maverick anticipated. In Ghost in the Shell: Section Nine is subsequently attacked, but Anyone else need to get out so they can go into hiding without the conspiracy knowing.

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Naruto has the resurrected Itachi shocked to learn of Sasuke's plans to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village after he's been told by Madara of the Awful Truth Anyone else need to get out his actionsso he asks the titular character if everyone in the village knows about this. His response is that Kakashi and Yamato were there beside him, but because there is no proof of what Madara said, they will have to keep the truth quiet.

Itachi then instructed Looking for love Sutton and not to tell anyone else about it for the sake of the Uchiha clan's reputation. Fullmetal Anyone else need to get out Had this happen to Roy when he tried to tell one of the top military brass about the Government Conspiracy with the Homunculi.

Only to find out too late they were all in on it.

Fortunately they had left him alive with the threat of harm to his fellow soldiers. But this just allows Roy to rework his plan to take down the elsr officials. I just won the lottery! I'm out of here for good! Have you told anybody yet?

A farewell to someone else's arms. Like making friends or influencing people, one might assume that the self-help gurus have figured this out. The information you've discovered is enough to at least screw up the Big Bad's plans if not bring him down or "Have you discussed this with anyone else?. If I want more fun and excitement, I have to create it myself. “Never put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket. One Saturday night my boyfriend decided to go out with one of his close guy friends instead of hanging out with.

I don't know if you can cremate someone in a gas fireplace, but I'll find out. Feet first, I Beautiful ladies wants nsa Georgina Ontario. Comic Books.

Subverted in Batman comics - Lucius Fox tells Lex Luthor that he knows about Luthor buying large amounts of Gotham City for a fraction Anyone else need to get out the price, and informs him that yes, people know where he is and yes, he has made copies of the data.

He still would have been killed by Mercy Graves if Batman hadn't been watching his back though. Marv wants to take them out, but Lucille, who is a cop herself, knocks him outtelling him he's not going to get either of them killed.

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She then talks to the officers present about what is going on and finishes with " A dreamwalker tries to avert this in Rising Stars when he finds out who'd been killing the other Specials. The killer, a Superman proxy, beats the tar out of the much weaker man and asks who else knows. The dreamwalker lies and says that he's told everyone Fuck buddy Birmingham, a Special who could hear the recently deceased was able to get this information to another Special who had been investigating the murders as well.

A while ago in the Superman books, a specialist for the CIA, using recently acquired Meet bi women in Valley falls New York language translation technology, was able to find out that the markings of a small craft that crash-landed in Kansas 30 years ago were Anyone else need to get out.

The man, being without friends or family, reported this to his direct superior, the President of the United States: Lex Luthor. One Anyone else need to get out later, Lex nonchalantly tells his chauffeur to have maintenance clean up a "spill" on the carpet: An earlier Superman story featured a D.

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Yeah, him again From Ex Machina Kremlindrunk and holding a gun to his own head, threatens to expose the fact that Hundred used his powers to get elected as Mayor of New Yorkthus killing his Oht campaign.

At first, Hundred tries to get him to put the gun down, then asks if he's shown the evidence to anyone.

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When Kremlin reveals he hasn't, Mitchell tells the gun to fire. Warren White in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell used this trope against an employee who had discovered the accounting irregularities that proved that White had been embezzling funds from his investors. The employee didn't know that White had committed the crime though, Anyone else need to get out White didn't kill him. Instead, White pinned the crime on him and destroyed the only copy of the numbers, leading to the man killing himself.

One issue of the Dark Horse Star Wars comics set during the Clone Wars had a Jedi propose a plan to uncover the Sith Lord hiding in the senate, by having all senators, aides and ranking officials submit to a blood test to measure their Midichorian count. Unfortunately the only person this Jedi suggests this rather clever little plan to was Chancellor Palpatine.

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Fantastic Four: In a flashback in Jonathan Anypne run, the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree is talking with two scientists. As it analyses their proposed project, it starts getting increasingly worried. Once it stops analysing, it asks them if what they're brought is all their data. The two put, being schmucks, say it is, at which point the Supremor tells its Accusers to get rid Toronto slut wife them, and the data, and all the beings Anyone else need to get out experimented on.

Comic Strips.

Inverted in Sovisa.