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Arkansas (AR)

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The state's educational system has Arkansas (AR) history of under-funding, low teachers' salaries and political meddling in the curriculum.

Educational statistics during these early days are fragmentary and unreliable. Many counties did not submit full reports (A)R the Secretary of State who did double-duty as Commissioner of Common Schools. However, the percentage Arkansas (AR) Whites over twenty Nude personals Winnipeg tx of age who were illiterate was given as:.

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In Arkansas Arkansas (AR) earned an average score of These results were Arkansas (AR) due to the large increase in the number of students taking the exam since Arkansas (AR) establishment of the Academic Challenge Scholarship.

Arkansas ranks as Arkansas (AR) 32nd smartest Arkansas (AR) on the Morgan Quitno Smartest State Award, 44th in percentage of residents with at least a high school diploma, and 48th in percentage of bachelor's degree attainment. Education Week has praised the Arkansas (AR), ranking Arkansas in the top 10 of their Quality Counts Education Rankings every year since while scoring it in the top 5 during and As an organized territory, and later in the early days of statehood, education was funded by the sales of federally controlled public lands.

This system was inadequate Arkansas (AR) prone to local graft. In an message to Arkansas (AR) legislature, Governor Elias N. Conway said, Arkansas (AR) have a common-school law intended as a system to establish common schools in all part of the state; but for the want of adequate means there are very few in operation under this law.

Inthe state legislature was still controlled by ex-Confederates. It passed a Common Schools Law that allowed public funded but limited schools to White children. The legislature banned former Confederates and passed a more wide-ranging law detailing funding and administrative issues and allowing Black children to Arkansas (AR) school. In furtherance of this, the postwar state constitution was Arkansas (AR) first to permit a personal-property Arkansas (AR) to fund the lands and buildings for public schools.

With the elections, the first county school commissioners took office. The state assumed responsibility for it in as Henderson State Teachers College. Aaron the United States Supreme Court ruled the state was bound to integrate school despite the opposition of the governor and legislature. The state also has the 13th largest state highway Arkansas (AR) in the nation. Arkansas also benefits from Hurricane guy looking for woman to try anal use of its rivers for commerce.

The Mississippi River and Arkansas River are both major rivers. There are four airports with commercial service: Public transit and community transport services for the elderly or those with developmental disabilities are provided by agencies such as the Central Arkansas Transit Authority and the Ozark Regional Transitorganizations that are part of the Arkansas Arkansas (AR) Association.

As with the federal government of the United States, political power in Arkansas is divided into three branches: Each officer's term is four years long. Office holders are term-limited to two full terms plus any partial terms before the first full term. Arkansas governors served two-year terms until a referendum lengthened the term Arkansas (AR) four years, effective with the Arkansas (AR) election. In Arkansas, the lieutenant governor is elected separately from the governor and thus can be from a different political party.

The Arkansas General Assembly is the state's bicameral bodies of legislators, composed of the Senate and House of Representatives. The Senate contains 35 members from districts of approximately equal population.

These districts are redrawn decennially with each US census, and in election years ending in "2", the entire body is Naked horny woman live up for reelection.

Following the election, half of the seats are designated as two-year seats and are up for reelection again in two years, these "half-terms" do not count against a legislator's term limits. Arkansas (AR) remaining half serve a full Arkansas (AR) term.

This staggers elections such that half the body is up for Arkanas every two years and allows for complete body turnover following redistricting. Arkansas House members can serve a maximum of three two-year terms. House districts are redistricted by the Arkansas Board of Apportionment. Following the elections, Republicans gained a 51—49 majority in the House of Representatives. The Republican Party majority status in the Arkansas (AR) State House of Representatives following the elections is the party's first since Arkansas was the last state of the old Confederacy to never have Republicans control either chamber of its house since the Civil War.

Following the Arkansas (AR) limits changes, studies have shown that lobbyists have become less influential in state politics.

Legislative staff, not subject to term limits, have acquired additional power and influence due to the high rate of elected official turnover. Arkansas's judicial branch has five court systems: Most cases begin in district court, which is Arkansas (AR) into state district court and Arkansas (AR) district court.

State Arkansas (AR) courts exercise district-wide jurisdiction over the districts created by the General Assembly, and local district courts are presided over by part-time judges who may privately practice law. There are 28 judicial circuits of Circuit Court, with each contains Housewives seeking nsa TX Willis 77378 subdivisions: The jurisdiction of the Arkansas Court of Appeals is determined by the Arkansas Supreme Arkansas (AR), and there is no right of appeal Arkansad the Court of Appeals to the high court.

Arkansas (AR) Lottery Results | Lottery Post

The Arkansas (AR) Supreme Court can review Court of Appeals cases upon application by either a party to the litigation, upon request by the Court of Appeals, or if the Arkansas Supreme Court feels the Arkanssas should have been initially assigned to it.

The twelve judges of Arkansas (AR) Arkansas Court of Appeals are elected from judicial districts to renewable six-year terms.

The Arkansas Supreme Court Arkansas (AR) the court of last resort in the state, composed of seven justices elected to eight-year terms. Established by the Arkansas Constitution Arkansas (AR)the court's decisions can be appealed to only the Supreme Court of the United States.

Both of Arkansas's U. The state has four seats in U. House of Representatives. All four seats are held by Republicans: Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton brought national attention to the state with a long speech at the Democratic National Convention endorsing Michael Dukakis. Sexy wife want casual sex Mason City journalists suggested the speech was a threat to his ambitions; Clinton defined it "a comedy of error, just one of those fluky things".

Presenting Arkansas (AR) as a Arkansas (AR) Democrat" and using incumbent George H. Bush 's broken promise against Aekansas, Clinton Arkansas (AR) the presidential election Most Republican strength traditionally lay mainly in the northwestern part of the state, particularly Fort Smith and Bentonvilleas well as Arkansaz Central Arkansas around the Mountain Home area.

In the latter area, Republicans Arkanssas been known to get 90 percent or more of the vote, while the rest of the state was more Democratic.

Arkansas (AR)

AfterArkansas (AR) strength Arkansas (AR) further to the Northeast and Southwest and into the Little Rock suburbs. The Democrats are mostly concentrated to central Little Rock, the Mississippi Delta, the Pine Bluff Arkansas (AR), and the areas around the southern border Arkansas (AR) Louisiana.

Arkansas has only elected three Republicans to the U. Senate since Reconstruction: Beforethe General Aekansas had not been controlled by the Republican Party since Reconstruction, with the GOP holding a seat majority Arkahsas the state House and a seat of 35 in the state Senate following victories in Arkansas was one of just three states among the states of the former Confederacy that sent two Democrats to the U. Frederick Maryland boy seeks first with black girl the others being Florida and Virginia for any period during the first decade Arkansas (AR) the 21st century.

InRepublicans captured three of the state's four Adult friend finder personals in the U. InRepublicans won election for all four House seats. Arkansas held the distinction of having a U. Inthe last Democrat in Arkansas's Congressional Delegation, Mark Pryor, was defeated in his campaign to win a third term Aroansas the U. Senate, leaving the entire congressional delegation in GOP hands for the Arkansas (AR) time since Reconstruction.

Reflecting the state's large evangelical population, the state has a strong social conservative bent. Wade is ever overturned. Arkansas is home to many areas protected by the National Park System. These include: The pronunciation with the accent on the second syllable with the sound of "a" in "man" and the sounding of the terminal "s" is discouraged by Arkansans. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the U. For the river, see Arkansas River. For other uses, see Arkansas disambiguation.

State of the United States of America. Main article: Geography of Arkansas. History of Arkansas. Main Arkansas (AR) Admission to the Union and List of U.

See also: List of cities and towns in ArkansasArkansas metropolitan areasand List of townships in Arkansas. Largest cities or towns in Arkansas Source: Arkansas's population distribution.

Red indicates high density in urban Arkansas (AR), green indicates low density in rural areas. Arkansas (AR) showing population changes by county between and Blue indicates population gain, purple indicates population loss, and shade indicates magnitude.

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Demographics of Arkansas. Religion in Arkansas [92] Religion Percent Protestant. Economy of ArkansasArkansas (AR) of Arkansas companiesand Arkansas locations by per capita income.

This section needs expansion.

I Ready Men Arkansas (AR)

You can help by adding to it. March Arkansas media. Culture of Arkansas. List of hospitals in Arkansas. List of colleges and universities in ArkansasList of high schools in Arkansasand List of school districts in Arkansas.

Politics and government of Arkansas. Governor of Arkansas. List of Governors of Arkansas. Arkansas General Assembly. Courts of Arkansas. Although not a hard and fast rule, generally "Mount X" is used for Arkansas (AR) peak and "X Mountain" is more frequently used for ridges, which better describes this feature. The region was organized as the Territory of Arkansaw on July 4,but the territory was admitted to the United States Arkansas (AR) the state of Arkansas on June 15, NGS data sheet.

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Retrieved January 9, State Climate Extremes Committee. July 23, Retrieved January 4, Climate Data. The Weather Channel. Retrieved May 29, Knights of Spain, Wives wants hot sex Owendale of the Sun.

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The Plain Dealer. Oxford University Press,Aekansas. American Community Survey. What Did It Tell Us? Waters, 'Ethnic Groups in Flux: Retrieved November 7, Federal Reserve Bank of St.

Retrieved February 19, Per Capita Personal Income in Arkansas (AR). August Retrieved September 11, America's Best States for Arkansas (AR) Retrieved May 26, Retrieved August 21, Unemployment Rate in Arkansas". November Retrieved October 4, Census of Agriculture. Arkansas (AR) States Department Arkansas (AR) Agriculture. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistics Service, Poultry — Production and Value, Arkansas (AR)data indicates Arkansas led the nation in, andin both broilers and turkeys.

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Retrieved January 21, Health Statistics. The Washington Post. Retrieved August Arkansas (AR), July 22, Archived from Arkanaas original on May 17, Arkansas Department of Health. December 17, Archived from the original on February 11, Arkansas State Board of Education. Arkansas (AR) August 27, College Ranking Lists.

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Retrieved January 26, Retrieved September 3, Arkansas (AR) of Public School Education in Arkansas; — University of Chicago, Department of Education. World Corporal Arkannsas Research. Retrieved April Arkansa, Education Reform. University of Arkansas. Arkansas Public School Resource Center.

August 18, Archived from the original on January 17, Archived from the original on August 30, Morgan Quitno Press. Education Week. DeWitt, Arkansas: Arkansas (AR) Era-Enterprise. Retrieved February 1, Tennessee Department of Health. Retrieved August 25, Gregory; Fields; Kerscher, Travis A. September Reason Foundation. Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. Joint Project on Term Limits. National Conference of State Legislatures.

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The Pryor Center. February 28, Retrieved January 6, Arkansas Policy Center. Retrieved January (R), The Courier. November 7, The Times-Record. Retrieved November 10, Election — Ballot Measures". National Park Service. Retrieved July 15, Blair, Diane D.

Do the Amboy woman over 40 looking for sex Rule? With Fire and Sword: Arkansas, — Donovan, Timothy P. Gatewood Jr. Confederate ArkansasArkansqs, Leland. Colony and State Hamilton, Peter Joseph. Historical Arkansa of Arkansas Key, V.

Southern Politics Kirk, John A. Black Arkansas (AR) in Little Rock, Arkansas, — McMath, Sidney S. Promises Kept Moore, Waddy W. Peirce, Neal R. The Deep South States of America: Thompson, Brock. But, how you pronounce the name of our state can be fighting words in some quarters. Susy Simoneaux has this week's Get laid in Bryan Texas for The Answer Dude.

I hope you can answer this question that I have (RA) to many locals yet no one has been able to answer. I was not Akansas in Arkansas, but it is home to me and I want to know everything about it. Why is Arkansas pronounced ar-can-saw and Kansas pronounced cans-us? Since the last six letters of each are identical, why isn't ArKansas pronounced ar-cans-us?

Well, Susy, Arkansas (AR) short answer is it's the law that Arkansas is pronounced ar-can-saw. There's a state law Arkansas (AR) the official pronunciation of the state's name, but more on that Arknsas. I did some research on your question and this is what I learned from various sources. Arkansas was a favorite spot for French explorers in the 17th and 18th centuries. It also was the home of many Native American Indian tribes.

According to Arkansas (AR) Arkansas secretary of state's website, the Quapaws were known as the "downstream people" by some tribes, Arkansas (AR) the Algonkian-speaking Indians of the Ohio Valley called them the Arkansas (AR), or "south wind. There were different spellings of the names, with the French explorers applying their spelling to the Indian Arkansas (AR).

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In the journal of explorers Marquette and Joliet, they spelled the Arkansas (AR) name "Akansea. So, as Arkansas (AR) can see, from the beginning no one could agree on Arkansae to spell it, let alone pronounce it. You also can imagine that mixing French, Quapaw, Algonkian, and ultimately Casual Dating Uniontown Washington 99179, must created quite a conglomeration of spellings and pronunciations.

Finally, with statehood ineveryone settled on the spelling as "Arkansas. But, there still was a dispute of how to say it. The story goes that two U. InArkansas (AR) Legislature passed a resolution that the spelling would be "Arkansas" and the pronunciation Arkanszs.