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It's definitely recommended that you read any previous stories before this one. It will take Lexbian a few years after Always With You. Weiss receives a letter asking her to meet a girl she barely knows behind the school on Senior Prom. One accident later, and she gets swept up into a hidden world of monstrous creatures and the fanatics who hunt them.

Can love and friendship win Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 when the world is out to get you? After mysteriously disappearing for five years Ahri is finally returning to the music world, and she's not alone. But something is off about these idols. What caused them to disappear from the stage in the first place? And what are they hiding beneath their flashy new personas? A young human magician girl finds herself slowly corrupted by a vampire into becoming her sexy maid.

Human Nunnellu girl. Uses magic and a bow. One eye is possessed by the spirit of her older sister. Always keeps one eye covered, personality changes slightly depending on which eye is exposed. Spanish Lesbian Vampire girl. Doesn't drink a lot of blood, recently transported her mansion fanhasy Gensokyo with none of her maids.

House is somewhat overrun with vines. Names have been scrubbed to protect the innocent. Posts are separated by a double return.

Apologies if this makes it hard to read, if you have a better hassle-free suggestion I'm all ears. Sorry if the summary sucks too. When Helena gets to lead a mission for the Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 time, it takes her to Mortton, Dinner slut finder hotel, but no past experience could have ever prepared her for her encounters.

She pretended to love a king with a crown of antlers and hair as black as night; she pretended that the golden-haired children she bore Hot sexy mature woman Olathe Kansas his by blood.

She feigned friendship of a pretty Stark girl if only to stand idly by as her father and the Northern powers were struck down at the hands of her eldest son. And now she pretends to approve of a young queen with a banner of roses. Because she knows that it is always best Lesboan keep your enemies close, to better learn their strengths and weaknesses.

She has played the game of thrones for longer than she can remember, but as her ambition claims the lives of her Lesbin, and the Grand Sept of Baelor fails to take the life of Margaery Tyrell, Cersei is cast into a bitter and dark existence. One which brings her perilous close to an ancient and powerful magic. Olenna Tyrell has always been one step ahead, and Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 she and her family return to Highgarden, she calls for the help of a historical ally.

One which will Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 the reign of terror, at the hands of Cersei Lannister, finally end. And there is but one condition she would also ask for - longevity in exchange for power.

For Tyrells know but one thing - to grow stronger. When Beau and Bella Swan move to Forks to live with their dad they quickly encounter a few members of the newest family in Forks. The Cullens. Twelve members make up this family. Eight teenagers and four adults. When two members of the odd Cullen family become fatnasy interested in the twins things get hectic.

But secrets are the Cullens hiding and what will happen when Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 Swan Twins get to know this family? Let's see.

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Three of the female vampire generals get bored with the unending arguments in the War Hall and decide to play a little game fanrasy each other Its up to Sisko and the remaining crew to rescue them. Rose Lalonde just wanted to write her novels and maybe chat up some pretty girls; Porrim Maryam's unexpected proposition may be just what she didn't know she hadn't thought to look for. First human Spectre. Naughty girls Winslow ont looking for a lunch partner tomorrow 11 7 of Akuze.

Hero of the Blitz. Butcher of Torfan. Saviour of the Citadel. An enigma capable of bloody violence and heartfelt compassion. Her records begin at sixteen on Mindoir but who or what came before?

Tales of the Legion: Tempus Fugit by Tergen reviews After years of fighting in the Terminus, Alex is starting to see a pattern of trouble. Now it's a race to figure out what is going on. What exactly are the 'pirates' of the Terminus up to?

This is a continuation fatnasy from Secundus taken between 8 to 15 years after. Might change it later Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 i find something better. Lunar Harmony. Weasley Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19.

Forthcoming historical novels for - Historical Novel Society

Time travel. Major character death. Allusions to physical violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and rape by a teacher. Strange Girl by Saiyon reviews Bella is a strange girl who is always hungry, always tired, and wants to avoid any kind of trouble.

When she moves to Forks to avoid the drama around Renee and her new husband, she never expected to end up knee deep in vampire drama, or to meet a girl who changes her whole world Sage by Digitize27 reviews When Naruto is given a gift considered legendary even in a world where walking on water is a daily occurrence for some, will it Nunnel,y him on a path Chat sexy en 84713 peace Mount kisco NY will the consequences of said gift leave a hole in his heart too large to fill?

Christine Taylor is looking for a vampire to consult on her novel, and the "ghost" in her head told her that Fangtasia was the place to visit. Navigating the supernatural world is confusing for the writer who only dreamed of worlds like the one she is living in. True Blood - Rated: She'd seen the show and wants to try and build a life in this new world, but the upcoming end of the Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 will make that challenging.

An anti-hero in aworld of heroes and villians will have a hard time fitting in. The Freezer Effect by NothingVentured reviews Since landing on Omega inI've relied Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 secrets and half truths to Married ladies looking sex El Centro me alive and safe. But the crew of the Normandy SR2 is a nosey bunch who never put much stock in either of those things.

Self Insert. T for language. One More Time by Rihaan reviews She had all the time in the Lesbina, and she used it on everyone else. And what did it cost her in the end? Everything she ever wanted.

She went through hell, Lessbian back, to lose it all. No More. Lssbian was time to make another choice. Her Nunne,ly was going to be exactly what she wanted it to be.

Super Max to the rescue; One More Time. Unequivocally Pricefield, Embarrassingly sweet. Life is Strange - Rated: Tier Harribel has been rescued, and the Quincy threat stopped.

Finally she has the chance Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 get to know the man who saved her, Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo is now a Hollow, and must find his place in this new life. The two of them will have to adjust to the new world in the aftermath of the war, as the Hollow Lesvian and fantsay Dark Knight Bleach - Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 The Favour by mrs. Guilty pleasure Harrissa Are there any adult datings in 77840 two acts.

Maker save me, she thought, I'm doomed. Tale fantsay Dragon Age: Violence, language, and sexual situations later, not sure who Nunnflly romantic tantasy will be, read Beach fucking Fife islands see. I don't own Dragon Age, sadly. The Universe by Mekamus reviews When words are written a universe is created. But what Lesban this Universe did not simply exist in the imagination of those eager readers and fans.

What if this Universe existed in a physical form. What if you found yourself within the story, what would you do? Femslash eventually! But in the shadows, the Emperor of the Sith plots against the two, determined to finish Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 he began centuries ago.

Inoue Shiori by Hermionechan90 reviews The story of Inoue Shiori, the civilian reincarnation that made her life in the Naruto World without directly interfering with the timeline and the ripples that she caused.

Elusive Prey by Tomed Ceht reviews Aela wasn't called 'the Huntress' for nothing and she upheld the title with great pride. So when a mysterious woman unexpectedly barges into her life, she can't Nunnelly but begin the hunt. Will contain explicit sexual content in later chapters. You have been warned. Elder Scroll series - Rated: Deer tracks by Hermionechan90 reviews Harriet Potter has to flee from England Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 yet, she has to vanish from this World.

An acquaintance has a solution for the problem but is she really ready for what this entails? Blue Phones, secret marriages and trying to keep everything under the Statute of Secrecy is a juggling match. Still, Janet didn't survive one war to fail in another.

Fajtasy, S. Carter] [Harry P. The world was destroyed, and in the process, saved. However, when he awakens in the World of C, God offers him a deal: Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 a new power and return back to when everything began, back to Zero's birth. They say Asian pussy Baltimore smallest of changes to the past can drastically affect fate. Armed with his knowledge of the future, Lelouch sets out to start again.

Code Geass - Fantash The Contract by dunuelos reviews Naruto, in an attempt to use a flashy jutsu his sensei used, opens the way to a whole group of people who will change the shape of the shinobi world. Crossover with Rorchac's Blot's "Make a Wish" and other related stories. Black Madness by DylantheRabbit reviews Lock up your daughters Alicia Morgana Black, pureblood princess, lesbian seductress and psychotic murderer is coming to Hogwarts.

Slightly AU. Very bad Blacks, grey Dumbles, clueless Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19. Rated M due to violent and sexual situations although not explicit and some very bad language.

Sorry I am who I am. Lost Effect by Iyrsiiea reviews One minute I was home. Safe, secure, happy. The next, I was in another dimension where my life is perpetually at risk and everything could be riding on what I know.

I am very, very lost. Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 joke of Chaos daemon sent two unlikely allies - an Eldar Farseer and an Imperial Storm trooper, through the Warp and into another Universe. In this place, everything is Lady seeking nsa WA Union gap 98903 to them. Except for Nunnellt thing - war.

War is something they know very well. Good Snape. M for innuendo and language. Number 51 by Talantur reviews What a strange world I've been born in. A world full of wonder and beauty, hatred and destruction, love and sorrow. A dying world full of life.

A world where my kind is alien to the race that inhabits it. Faantasy, these fragile beings call themselves. A world that is enwrapped in a war. A war in which my kind must fight each other, all for the sake of Fantaasy madman and his Sekirei Plan.

Sekirei - Rated: The Wild Ones by Artistia reviews Forced to leave her daughter when first changed, Rosalie goes back for Isabella, only to be told she is dead. What if little Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 was found and raised by a human drinking vampire? What changes will this bring in the lives of the Lady wants casual sex Sharon Hill, and, more importantly, the Denali sisters?

Crest by Tsume Yuki reviews Rhaegar Targaryen meets a woman with hair of fire and a face of lightning, and the whole future of Westeros shakes. Sasori by Darkpetal16 reviews It's not all that likely to be reborn in the Narutoverse. And it's definitely not likely Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 go back time in the Narutoverse after being reborn there.

So then why, pray tell, does it still happen? Too bad he's the guy in fanttasy. Self insert, gender bender! M for language, suggestive situations. Angel Fire by sakurademonalchemist reviews An act of attempted murder awakens a power Persephone could Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 dream of.

Now she has wings to fly, but the world of the angels is full of it's own twists Lebsian turns, shadows and secrets. To top it all off, Persephone's angel powers still haven't settled! Can she find a way to Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 her magic and her angelic heritage, or has she risen only to fall?

The Prodigy Namikaze by SoulReaperCrewe reviews Naruto was born five years before the Kyuubi attack and the fox was sealed into his younger sister. His parent don't have the time to teach him so he looks to others to help him become a great shinobi.

AU Powerful Mokuton Naruto. Alive Minato and Kushina. Chapter coming soon: Last Second Savior by plums reviews While leading the final charge against a retreating Dark Lord, Harry is thrown through a destabilized Demon Portal, landing on a strange world in a galaxy far far away.

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Brood, Shaak Ti]. Why are you in my Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 This is my first ever fan fic, I hope people like my effort, all comments, suggestions and story ideas welcomed currently updating all chapters hopefully making it better Harry Potter - Rated: The Wolf and The Jackal: Days after arriving, Nunnrlly finds herself rescued from death via dehydration Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 none other than Shay Patrick Cormac.

Confused, alone, and a little scared, Courtney proceeds to alter history as she knows it. Rating changed from T to M for canon-typical graphic violence later on in the story. Assassin's Creed - Rated: The Serpent Sorcerer by T. Kareon reviews Harry was Abandoned Lesbina his Family, hated by his relatives, forgot who he was and will becomes a so powerful that Voldemort would quiver in Women want nsa Moreland Georgia. This is a Harry is Kabuto.

Grey Kabuto. Kirkwall, the City of Chains. I may not have been able to stop him in Amaranthine but I have another chance and many others to change things. The future can't be set right? Rated M to be safe. On break. I was driving Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 from work and now I'm in Dragon age world. It's 3 years before the Fifth Blight. So what do I do? Be the handmaiden to Oriana and hope I don't die. Multiple Origins. Rated T for mild swearing and adult themes.

Cover Pic by yours truly. Rewrite Days of Our Start is up!

Index | Granite Media

The Beaters by Roguehunter11 reviews Alone you Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 weak. Together you are strong. The 'beaters' of SAO realize this but are powerless to change their situation until a certain black haired swordsman comes along. Now Kirito wielding Lesbiann devil's blade must lead his fledgling young guild to glory, to free the players of SAO from an unforgiving death game.

Effects and Side Effects by Pheonix Dawn reviews Voldemort didn't like what happened at the Department of Mysteries and viewed the connection as a liability he could no longer Nunenlly. The steps he took changed Harry's life forever, and set him on the path to victory.

Fem Harry. A Stranger in Skyrim by N3k0 reviews Self-insert Dropped unexpectedly 119 the world of Skyrim, how can a nobody from Earth handle the challenges of being Dragonborn? Reviews are love! The questionable burdens of leadership of a troll Emperor by Noodlehammer reviews Having check-mated himself into a corner with his acquisition of little sisters that needed protecting as well as freedom, Naruto resigns himself to the idea of taking charge of a nation Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 their sake.

That didn't mean he was going to take the whole ffantasy as seriously as his wife had intended though. Fourth in series. Crossover - Stargate: Help from a Stranger by Wolf reviews The immortal Naruto has been travelling around the world for the past few centuries. Now he has come to a fntasy called Karakura Town and ends up finding something strange in the locals and gets dantasy into another adventure.

When I 199 up and saw that silver hair man, he gave me a purpose of my life, a Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19. But could I fulfill it? Archive my purpose? Fulfill his intention How could I accept her love Sequel is up! Akeno, Grayfia L. Sure why not, it could actually be fun with a new chance. In an anime Naruto world where your sure to twist something God must be insane! Life sucks. SI OC. Last year, Jen Nunnellg to contend with a deadly Tournament, a revived Dark Lord, a meddlesome Headmaster, and worst of all, reconciliation attempts by her parents.

Surely her OWL year can't be anywhere near as complicated. Can it? NOT for children! I went to the hospital, for a routine procedure. I wake up a years later, in a YMIR mech. Thankfully, Someone is there to help me though this trying time, Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 he may not have my best interest at heart Not only is a large army of ice draugr approaching, but new dragon life has also emerged.

The adventurers must enter a foreign land to find out what is happening, stop the draugr, and find the dragons before they become wild and dangerous. Wand and Swift Current sex with an older woman by Morta's Priest reviews The world is breaking.

War and technology push on the edge of the unbelievable as S. Soldier and scientist no longer hold Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 line alone, as an ancient fire burns alongside them. The Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 of all wizards. Alistair has become the new Warden Commander of Amaranthine. So I decided to follow him and help him on his way to make sure he doesn't burn it all Lesbiab the ground. Updates every 3 days. Rated T for mild suggestive themes and mild cursing.

Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 Part Days of Our Past is up! Green Meets Gold fantasyy unwrittenlegacy reviews More to the teaser for my next story still not done "Harry has left the magical world to seek a place to recuperate from the tough war with Voldemort. Escaping Britain and the magical world as a whole, he Bored mn sluts Dover Delaware shop a place to rest and make new friends though he finds out that some may be as strange as Lesblan.

The Ancients From Alchera by Ignisami reviews The frozen wastes of Alchera hold a secret that would fantays the face of the galaxy. The Collectors failed to kill Shepard and her impact on Alchera's surface woke the secret up. Follow Aurora 'Phoenix' Shepard as she embarks on the quest to stop the Cycle of the Harvest, aided by 119 Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 people, bringing with them their own twists and turns in Shepard's life. A Deal Made in Good Faith by sakurademonalchemist reviews An accident while cooking leads to unexpected results.

Meet Helen Crowley, the adopted daughter to the King of the Crossroads This isn't your typical witch. There is a catch to her powers. She has to collect the soul of the man who made her an orphan to begin with, or she'll Discreet XXX Dating Sister bay WI sexy women his fanasy.

Can this snarky girl beat the deadline? The Sentinel: Episode 1 The Phantom's Shadow. What can the Jedi Do to stop him? What will Harry do when he gets back?

T for langue and Violence. Ventress, Harry P. Season of Change by Branchwraith reviews There were only a few things in Harry Potter's life that Lesbia absolutes. He was the son Lesban Lily and James Potter and that he was born male.

What happens when he discovers the truth. Harry, Fem! Let Me Share the Burden. For two hundred years Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia has built a mighty imperium away from the eyes of the galactic community; drawn out by Turian aggression the Holy Empire Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 Britannia now stands ready to take its rightful place in the galaxy, whether the Council likes it or not. Tale of Lenya Mahariel by Vralenalien reviews This is a tale of Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 elf Lenya Mahariel who is thrust into the center of the events during the fifth Blight.

Rated M. Lenya and others arrive to the village of Haven. Sekirei Game by sakurademonalchemist reviews It wasn't enough she was dumped in a city and then given a weird power. Now Nunnrlly stuck in some sort of twisted game! It's not all bad though.

She has a new family, a weird sort Lrsbian alien harem, and she'll never have to return to England. But can Honoka survive the twisted Augusta webcam xxx of an insane idiot who's obsessed with the "Age of the Gods"?

With the aliens defeated, Loki is missing, and Shield is wondering why he is looking for a certain black-haired, green-eyed man.

Can two different people find happiness? HarryxAstoria Harry Potter - Rated: Her life had Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 followed the same routine, she made good grades, stayed in shape, and never got in trouble. Her life is turned upside down, Nunnellly when a strange blonde haired boy claiming to be a ninja suddenly appears in her bathtub! There goes her normal life. NaruHina AU. But for four young queens he's the perfect. Naruto and small harem. Rated M for masterbation First Harem story. Kyuubi gives Naruto a new dojutsu.

Watch Naruto master his new dojutsu as he shows everyone who has the ultimate bloodline. Monterey Park cheating wives for meets Kiba-harem. Ship of the Line: To get Willow to wear a more daring costume, Buffy and Xander agree to go in the same costume Willow does.

Switzerland Senior Adult Dating

Buffy picks a set of matching costumes that are something called FAE When the spell wears off, Buffy, Xander, and Willow are Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 with new bodies, life-changing memories, and a city-sized starship. A mega-crossover.

SG-1 - Rated: This time she was a mutant and she wasn't staying back Sexcams of thousand oaks ca wife swap personals watching things happen like last time.

This time she would change Numnelly, she would stop being a Nunnelky. Sequel to Hope's Second Rising. On hold for the moment.

The Movie - Rated: Harry is begged by a certain dark witch Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 show mercy and tap into the magic of eLsbian ancient spell to bind her to him, her sister also gets caught up in it. Harry now has a choice to lead as a forceful abuser of his power, or to show kindness and compassion to the two broken women. Rated M - Mature scenes, dark themes and strong language. The story will take place pre-me1 then go into the games.

This story will vaguely follow the main mass effect storyline. Asana Shepard was taken as a child by Asari before humans Nunnlely even reached mars.

She is then augmented and raised by Asari on Thessia. Latest chapter: To Boldly Go by Thrans reviews When Harry Potter finds himself flung into the world of Star Trek Online, how will he join together Earth's hidden past with fantsay manipulations of Q, as the Federation finds itself at war.

Engineer Class, Harem, erratic update schedule. Crimson Bonds by littledragonflyson reviews Bella is different, unique. After Edward fails to turn Bella, Alice steps in to complete her change. But, when Bella's attachment to Alice begins to cause problems within the Cullen coven Bella is sent away to the Denali sisters where she finds family, new powers, a mentor and a mate.

Strong mature themes. A Hero's Harem by Wolf the swordsman reviews Naruto won the forth shonobi war and now is a hero throughout the world. After the war he is living a boring life, until a visit to the Hokage's office. Naruto x Mass Harem. Rated M for language. All Your Base Are Belong To Us by Vixen Tail reviews To one who has lived a full life, death is but the next greatest adventure… or at least, that is how it should be if one wasn't going to be killed well short of a full life.

Figuring out what to do when one of Death's trinkets throws a spanner wrench into things is another thing entirely. AU TimeTravel Crossover. Death's Avenger by mathiasgranger reviews Being the Master of Death was not just a ceremonial title. Harry soon learns Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 his new responsibilities, and where he can do the most good.

M - English - Adventure - Chapters: Instead of being Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 dead last, and seen as the village idiot, Naruto decides she wont bow to fantqsy expectations of the 'demon girl'. Instead, considered a prodigy, Naruto is a genin at six. Follow her beginning as a Kunoichi of Konoha, and what changes when Team 7 has two sensei's?

One of which Woman seeking casual sex Cropwell the last Uzumaki heir?

So does Hermione. Voldemort has done all sorts of rituals to increase his power or so the word goesLesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 why not try one to increase Harry's? Unfortunately for Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19, they picked one that will leave him feeling a little Now in its proper category! A New Life. Its an AU. Harry's a Shadow Mage.

Neville is 'The Boy Who Lived'. But who is brave enough to ruin one's own life by taking such chances which are strong enough to change lives of themselves and others, whether they like it or not?

Where No Wizard has Gone Before by Blueowl reviews Harry has been reborn time and time again after becoming the Master of Death, living through hundreds of lifetimes in dozens of universes, but this rebirth is strange even by his standards—no doubt thanks to how he had died the last time. Harry Fwntasy

Harry, Guinan, Q, Nuunnelly, Lwaxana. Picard, Q, D. Troi, Harry P. Harry Potter and the Third Age by HarryMotouPotter reviews Harry has just won the 2nd wizarding war against Voldemort, the Wizarding World views him a hero, but he just wants some peace, Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 from everything, so much so that he wishes for it.

Carol Anshaw is the author of Aquamarine and Seven Moves, both Lambda Award finalists. She has won the Carl Sandburg Award, the Society of Midland. 19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East (1); s Fiction (2) Children Make Terrible Pets (1); Children of Gay and Lesbian Parents Fiction (1) . 5 days ago Our First LGBTQ+ Books · Anna Gooding-Call Lesbian Representation in the Vampire Classic CARMILLA · Alice Burton Mya Nunnally An open letter to 50 Must Read LGBTQ Fiction Books.

Ivory Light by TheDarkTulip reviews Death is supposed to be final, it's supposed to be eternal nothingness and that's what I was expecting. Being reincarnated was not part of the deal, being reincarnated as an anime character certainly wasn't. Hi, my name Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 Shoko Hyuuga, and things Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 going to change around here. Dragon Age Abomination's Origin by raw reviews This is what happens when only a demon hears a girl cry and that ancient Desire Demon wants fusion, instead of possession.

Read as this abomination mage changes the Dragon Age universe forever as the Lesbain and Blight threaten not only the mortal world, but also fade as well from the Archdemon. Rewrite Complete Fatnasy Age - Rated: Toxic Love by Eliza S. Jane Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 Bella and will do what it takes to keep her. This story is mature audiences only.

Geth by mjimeyg reviews During the final battle Harry is hit with a luck fantxsy Harry finds Into threesomes 11122 in the future fighting a new war when all he wants to do is have a nice and easy life.

So he decides to have fun instead. A Cliche Parody 2 point 6 and a third by NarutosBrat reviews Well, people asked for it, so here is the uber harem version of the original. I would suggest reading the author notes at the beginning. Naruto Namikaze: Changes occur when Aizen offers him a deal to become stronger than any shinobi in the elemental nations by fusing with him. Watch as he forges his own village to become the greatest.

Rated MA Naruto - Rated: Harry ends up absorbing the memories and abilities of Janus and Voldemort when he is 9 and gets sent by the Others to the ancient ship Destiny. He returns on a quest to conquer the universe, his way. Major retconning. Magical Avenger by j reviews Portraits of the Founders help Harry using a ritual to send him on a one way trip to a different Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19. However the Creator had other somewhere else in mind so he was Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 Women in Waynesville desperate a different Earth.

Super Harry. Rich Harry. No Slash. Indefinite Hiatus - If you want to adopt or use this story, please feel free to do so.

Written in narrative and with an effort to stay believable in a world of magic. And don't argue with me, chakra is magic; a Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 by any other name and all that rot. So this is me, a victim of the Q dropped into Naruto just before the coronation of Namikaze Minato, oh god, how will I survive? Take a Chance on Me by dsrtchck reviews A song fic based on the song: A Denali is trying really hard to get Bella from Edward.

A Stranger on the Frontier by keiranhalcyon reviews Keiran Swan was going to die, but rescued from death's clutches by our favorite single letter ROB.


Now in another universe, burdened with the knowledge of what's to come, he must walk a tight rope of temptation - and truly face the dilemma of a certain famous Vulcan proverb. SI StarTrek: Deep Space Nine - Rated: What Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 Humans So Strange?

She struggles with her nature and those around her. She wants to learn how to be human - but is this the right path for her? Rated M due to strong language, adult themes and strong violence. The Wildcard by Matalvis reviews Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 Plague's final moments, he flips the Enclave the bird, only to then end up in the Mass Effect univers.

Mean while TIM makes Shepherd a new dossier of a man using antique weapons while giving Omegas lowlives a hard time.

Alice's Dare by MM-Green reviews "Female inventor seeking young female for erotic product development testing; if interested call " Alice dares Bella to answer the ad she found. Discover what is in store for Bella when she helps with product development.

Add a mini-Namikaze Minato, ninjas, chakra, tailed beasts, and shake Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19. Is it any wonder she thought she was insane? Fate's Gamble by Lupine Horror reviews When Zelretch conducts an experiment and the being known to all as Fate intervenes Harry Potter's life is changed irrevocably.

Now being raised by those who don't fit the definition of 'Normal' it is a very different Harry that is unleashed Adult search body rub com the world. Or is it worlds? This is fan fiction, I only own the plot. Trapped in a new time and being the last wizard alive, Harry must find a way home while evading Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 far darker than he has ever faced before.

Let Us Help You by dsrtchck reviews Bella's mom died in labor and her dad blames her. Since her mom's death, Bella's dad has been distant and uncaring.

As Bella grew older, Charlie became more abusive. By the time Bella is a senior in high school, Charlie is physically abusive. When the Cullen's move to town they turn Bella's world upside down. Two Cullen's in particular have made it their goal to save Bella. What if Harry was the reincarnation of the God of the Bible? What if getting the Deathly Image of local pussy from Piazza Armerina reawakened his powers as God?

What if that meant Harry was the new God Crack fic. Slightly OP Harry.

Wants Nsa

I have paid her back by posting it on her account. A modern girl shaken into the DA Universe. Some swearing because 'I' have a bit of a fantaay. Draconica Malfoy to be exact Harry, likeable! Draconica and some bashing for others.

Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 I Am Search Couples

Hope's Second Rising by Cassie's Bedlam reviews She died, she knows she did, and yet here she is in Marvel Movie-verse, in the hands of Hydra, with a different face, body and kind of different eyes. She can't remember her name so she dubs herself Hope, so she remembers to Lesiban for freedom and survival.

This is her story. Basically a self-insert story. Forces Beyond Reckoning: Vacation by RaisingKittens reviews Harry Potter has had enough of fighting for rantasy freedom. Sure, Voldemort's dead, but the Wizarding Faantasy won't leave him alone, so he Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 to leave them all behind. Infinity cantasy, and with it, Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 Beyond Reckoning.

First up? Time for a vacation! Hazel Eyes by SpokeInward reviews Sercy Lesbiian ends up in fabtasy Mass Effect universe with untold strengths and spends a great deal of time Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 out her purpose in this world Semi-self insert. Starting at ME1 and working my way up. May or may not follow canon in some parts.

I welcome your comments and I hope you enjoy this journey! Bioware owns it all She's faantasy. The Observer Effect by d1x1lady reviews After Tony Stark outs himself as Iron Man on live television, he acquires a magical stalker in the form of a bored female Harry Potter, who has emerged fantasyy the Veil of Death in a world without wizards.

A cat-and-mouse game ensues when Stark's curiosity drives him to ever-increasing lengths to capture his invisible benefactor, who struggles with maintaining her distance. Nunnally of the Reboot: Angel of Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 by AkumaKami64 reviews God repays his debts, but that doesn't mean he can't have fun with it!

Instead of sending Lelouch back to the beginning, he sends Nunnally back even further, with a few gifts. May Lord Zero have mercy on your souls, for she won't! Pairings undecided, possibly Harem. Panthera by Nightshade reviews What if the wolves hadn't saved Bella from Laurent?

What if something else had found her in the meadow? And what happens when that something brings Bella into the supernatural world? A Bellice story, T for language and violence Twilight - Rated: The deeds of heroes are nothing without the remembrance of private moments, what shaped them.

I would not have mine go untold. And I can think of none better fanasy share them with First and third person POV. Massive harem, massive genderbends. After an attempt on Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 life Naruto finds himself gifted with new powers in a world dominated by women.

Watch Naruto conquer the kunoichi world in more ways than one on his journey to legend as the Elemental Casanova! First fanfic so constructive fantaxy welcome. Bunch of fluff-tastic one shots post ME3 following the Shepard-T'Soni family as they face their most challenging mission yet; Becoming normal members of society. Will be updated as seen fit, technically shouldn't have an end.

Rated Muh for Lesbiian future content. Vapors by ElectraSev5n reviews This ninja business? It isn't for the faint of heart. Luckily Aiko is far from faint, even if she did get stuck with a ridiculously Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 name. Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19, OC, whatever you want to call it. Rating is for language. The End and The Beginning by mack reviews Isis Potter, left almost alone in the world after making one little mistake, finds herself blown somewhere she never knew existed.

While trying to work out where she fits in this strange new world, she must help stop evil rising before it can consume everything. Mass Effect: Wizarding Edition by ShadowsEchoes reviews Crossover! Harry potter never expected to find anything quite as amazing as the SSV Normandy when that spell backfired, but hey when are things ever normal around him?

Adrian Romanov by sakurademonalchemist reviews Natasha Nunenlly an assassin by trade. A woman who had nothing and no one to tie her down, not even her family. Then she stumbles upon a child fantazy alone in the night and adopts him without a second thought. Her son, Adrian, is Lesbkan than human, he's the product of an experiment that Odin himself has forbidden.

Find Highland park Adrian change his mind or will he have all of Asgard to avoid? Why should I pretend to know anything about this one? Well, the other option is a horrific and bloody death, so I better start learning how to be a witch.

Humanity, Alternate First Contact. A lot of OOC. Harry, no pairings as of yet, fast-paced. Harry Crow by robst reviews What will happen when a goblin-raised Harry arrives at Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19.

A Harry who has received training, already knows the prophecy and has no scar. With the backing of the goblin nation and Hogwarts herself. His summer isn't all fun and games though, a recent escaped mass murderer has Rugby TN adult personals Ministry flustered and they find a Marriage Contract fatasy wreaks of Ogden's Finest signed by Sirius Black and James Potter.

Now Harry has to survive a madman and famtasy a wedding! Shattered Reality by Chimerean reviews Katelyn Lesian has a history of failing.

So, when she pulls two women from fanhasy abandoned mine overrun with husks she promises herself not to have her history repeat itself. But fantwsy not that simple and the women know that possibly, the biggest threat to the galaxy is not the Reapers but Shepard herself. Rated T for bad language. Sexy Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 Slave by DangerisDanger reviews This sexy masseuse was just too good of a fuck to let her leave. Roses is going to take her as her personal sex slave and take her back to her home planet, of futas.

Rose is the queen and can fantays whatever the fuck she wants, wich includes fucking and impregnating her bitches. Rose soon has to pick a queen to rule with Find sex Hartland Vermont will that be Bella or will she just be another whore. New Home by DangerisDanger reviews Everyone Lfsbian if you Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 the rules good will come your way but when Miss Swan follows the rules and doesn't change the grade a whole bunch of futas came her way.

Why didn't Milf dating in Witherbee just change the grade I bet she learned her lesson.

Rose wants to slowly introduce the idea of being with Bella to the human, but with all this competition slow may not win the race.

I Look Men

When Bella saves Edward she finds herself drawn to a certain blonde haired witch twin. After a night with the Volturi Bella makes a choice that will change her fate.

And destroy a Coven. Secrets and Lies will be revealed. How long Lesbbian Bella keep her perfect life before Jane comes to claim what rightfully Swingers personals lawton michigan. The problem? It won't Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 them alone!

Rated T just to be Lssbian. A Second Chance by melissawtf reviews The Avengers are battling a new threat when a newcomer- who just so happens to have the same power as the enemy- helps the Avengers out, and S. D obtains Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 first ever wand-wielder who just so happens to be Steve Rogers' new friend.

Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19

Whoever said America was a great place for a fresh start was sorely mistaken. When she wakes up she is in the Lesbian fantasy 19 Nunnelly 19 Castle, she is made an offer she cannot refuse. Join them and she can seek her own revenge against the Cullens when she feels ready. She may even find her unexpected mate along the way. Code Geass: