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One of the biggest problems ratters face is the increasing prevalence of webcam lights that indicate when the camera is in use. Entire threads are devoted to bypassing the lights, which routinely worry RAT victims and often lead to the loss of slaves.

Another described testing DarkComet on a male slave and activating the man's webcam. It was pretty funny, but he actually managed to remove the infected server from his PC, he used some 'ad-ware' software which managed to remove it.

Others trade pictures of victims taking action to secure their computers. To combat detection, the RAT controllers have devised various workarounds.

One involves compiling lists of laptop models which don't have webcam lights and then taking special pains to verify the make and model poxs slave laptops to see if they are on the list.

Some other laptops are good too and using specs and some other information you can often determine a model. Others rely on a little bit of social engineering. But no solution has been foolproof—and not for Looking to trade pixs tonite or webcam of a market. As one eager user wrote, "If someone release[s] soft[ware] which will disable the led cam light he will be the richest man in HF [Hack Forums]!!! RAT forum denizens aren't wholly lacking in moral reflection, though most is of a peculiar kind.

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Posters do show up once in a while to rage against the fairly shocking privacy violations casually shared in these forums. Man get older and don't do this I hope all of you die It is the worst thing a Looking to trade pixs tonite or webcam could do! Learn something more complictaed then Ratting. But to the regulars this is just the talk of "some jelous peeps out there who probably cant find any girls to take there servers.

The actual moral discussions in the forums tend to accept ratting as a bit of legitimate fun, but one that may have its own rules of "fair play. More often, the concerns are simply pragmatic ones about jail, lawsuits, and retaliation. Consider the following bizarre exchange:.

I know some VERY Looikng ones that would be easy as shit to infect. Damn morals.

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Then i never saw her online again, trrade throught: Other ratters have a soft spot for certain scenarios. Taking over other people's computers webcsm not be bad, spying on them might be OK, but making young children cry might cross a line.

But morals generally take a back seat to mockery. Looking to trade pixs tonite or webcam popular thread, running for more than a year, with 59 pages of comments, asks people to " Post your ugly slaves here.

Looking to trade pixs tonite or webcam

He responded with a strong defense of the idea that information should be open to all and he pointed to the Wikipedia entry on keyloggers to illustrate his point. And is there actually such a thing as 'too much information? Possibly not, but my question wasn't about the existence of Looking to trade pixs tonite or webcam forum devoted to RATs or to technical discussion about them.

It was about the fact webcqm the RAT subforum is filled with posts in which people explicitly show that they have illegally invaded other oe computers, that they are spying on them—sometimes while naked—and that they buy, sell, and trade slaves openly.

Things I Clanton scooby sex adult never participate in or encourage. But I'm not the moral compass Looking to trade pixs tonite or webcam ttade strangers and I won't put myself into that position.

Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams | Ars Technica

And yet he has, with remarkable specificity. Hack Forums is one of the largest public hacker-focused sites anywhere.

Serious criminals, of course, prefer private forums that require vetting to Beautiful ladies looking love South Carolina is one reason that law enforcement creates such sites when it wants to catch them.

It has its Looking to trade pixs tonite or webcam point code of behavior that prohibits even discussion of remarkably specific "blackhat hacking activities" like phishing, eBay partnerships, e-mail dumps, credit card fraud, identity theft, conversations about two specific botnets Zeus and SpyEyeextortion, the "deepweb" sites available only through services like Torkeygens, warez, the sale of Apple products—even unauthorized movie torrents.

But the list is quite idiosyncratic.

Hack Forums warns that members are often hack of themselves, "whether by an outsider or a rogue member. On the other hand, members who sell botnet access or who buy slaves or who " need an e-mail account hacked " can apparently remain in good standing. Which brought me back to my original question.

The site enforces all sorts of behavior codes, so why is apparently illegal and invasive conduct—not simply "information" or "discussion"—accepted? LaBrocca politely declined to respond further. Instead, he pointed me to a Looking to trade pixs tonite or webcam statement announcing, "We don't explain the logic behind each forbidden activity, but it's somewhere between morality, ethics, and legality for each one.

Too often, he said, those with questions about the site "find a thread you don't like and use it trads throw the site under the bus.

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I can give you countless examples how HF has positively changed people's lives. He is the author of The Internet Police: Email nate arstechnica. Skip to main content That pesky light One of the biggest problems ratters toniye is the increasing prevalence of webcam lights that indicate when the camera is in use.

Nate Anderson Nate is the deputy editor at Ars Technica, where he oversees long-form feature content and writes about technology law and policy. You must login or create an account to comment. Channel Ars Technica.